Drytooling holds

Drytooling holds

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  1. Drytooling hold Micro SP

    Drytooing hold Micro SP


    Out of stock

    1. Made of stainless steel.

    2. 2х5mm conical holes.

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  2. Drytooling hold Micro SP Aluminium

    Drytooing hold Micro SP Aluminium


    Made of high grade Aviation aluminium.

    2х5mm conical holes.

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  3. Drytooing hold Steel Crack

    Drytooing hold Steel Crack


    Out of stock

    Drytooling hold.

    Made of stainless steel.

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  4. Drytooing hold Victory

    Drytooing hold Victory


    Out of stock

    1. Made of aluminium.

    2. 2х11mm holes.

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  5. Drytooling hold Granite Cube Type1

    Drytooling hold "Granite Cube"


    Out of stock

    New hold - Granite Cube.

    Granite Cube with standart hold fixation.

    Orange colored on nonusable surface.

    Green colored on usable surface.

    Non-colored surfaces - in between bad and very bad )))

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  6. Drytooling hold Ledge

    Drytooling hold "Ledge"


    Out of stock

    New drytooling hold - Ledge.

    Full from high grade Aviation aluminium!

    In two colors Red and Yellow

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  7. Yves Type drytooling hold

    Drytooling hold "Yves Type"


    Out of stock

    Plate from our traditional Armor steel.

    The central part - cylinder:

    • is made of hard stainless steel
    • is tempered in vacuum
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