Shipping calculator

Table rate from Warehouse in Finland

Special terms of delivery from our warehouse in Finland. For Europe (except the United Kingdom)

Price for delivery: 

  • Packages with weight under 2 kg ~ € 20
  • Packages with weight 2 - 4,9 kg ~ € 45
  • Packages with weight over 5 kg ~ € 65


Price for delivery in Finland:

  • Packages with weight under 2 kg ~ € 10
  • Packages with weight 2- 4,9 kg ~ € 15
  • Packages with weight over 5 kg ~ € 22

The shipment is being made once in 2 weeks (on Monday) by Finnish post.


EMS Russian Post

Standard option of delivery from the warehouse near our production location in Russia, Saint-Petersburg
The price is calculated depending on the weight of the package.
The shipments are being made several times a week.

Pick up from Saint-Petersburg

If your friends or you yourself are in Saint-Petersburg or visiting, you can save money on delivery and pick up the package from our warehouse. Address is as follows: Stahanovcev str., 1, Saint-Petersburg.

A reminder-it is not a showroom or an open shop. 

Before picking the package up, you should contact us by any of the following means: