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FM3(A) - Black Diamond Raptor / Petzl M10 / Krukonogi Air, Indoor / Raveltik Capoiera / Cassin Vector Nanotech for SuperSport

Made of Armor steel

Coming soon


The main application of these teeth - for our Indoor Bolt-on-Crampons.

Main difference is the back tooth, which was designed specially for:

1) Leaning on it when climbing from under roof

2) Leaning on it when climbing on hanging structure elements. This frontpoint substitutes the side teeth when leaning on the wall frontally or on holds.

3) Walking to the climbing structure. Prevents slipping.

The angle of attack is similar to teeth of FM2(A). Are intended for a Climbing on plywood


Weight, g 29.0
Compatible with crampons Black Diamond Raptor, Cassin Vector Nanotech, Krukonogi Air Light, Krukonogi Air Standart, Krukonogi Indoor, Krukonogi Vacuum, Petzl M10, Raveltik Capoeira, Salewa Neo
Made from armor steel Yes
Front point style Sport(Easy Sport Competiotion on Plywood)
Made in Saint-Petersburg, Russia