Bolt on crampons for fruitboots

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  1. Bolt-on-crampons "Indoor"

    Bolt-on-crampons "Indoor"


    Lightweight bolt-on-crampons made of high-tensile steel.

    Special front-point for indoor training.

    Optimized geometry without side teeth.

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  2. Bolt on crampons "Air Light"

    Bolt on crampons "Air Light"


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    The plates of the side points are of variable thickness.

    This makes the new crampons light, robust and durable.

    Side points hardness is 48-50 HRC

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  3. Bolt on crampons "Air Standart"

    Bolt on crampons "Air Standart"


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  4. Bolt on crampons "Vacuum"

    Bolt on crampons "Vacuum"


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    Lightweight Limited Edition Bolt on crampons "Vacuum"

    The frontpoints coating we used a vacuum deposition of silicon oxide technology.

    The thickness of the side panels - 2mm

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  5. Bolt-on-crampons "Speed Hunters"

    Bolt-on-crampons "Speed Hunters"


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    Lightweight bolt-on-crampons made of high-tensile steel.

    Variable thickness.

    Optimized geometry.

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