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PGC5(A) - Pick for Grivel Force Carbone for SuperSport (IWC)

NEW! PGC5(A) SuperSport Pick for Grivel Carbone Force!

IWC(Iceclimbing World Cup) Series!

New optimized geometry for SuperSport and competition!

Born to Win!

As always of Armor Steel and High Grade Titanium!)

Coming soon


We present you the new set of IWC picks.

The set includes the pick for tool Grivel Carbon pick.

The bottom active surface of the pick has the arc shape, which allows to take hold sideways better.

The teeth on this side are oriented to the tool and down with variable angle. It makes the pick more stable.

We used the new technology to sharpen the pick's tip, which prevents the bending of the tip. Special optimization of the pick allows to wedge the head of the pick with cheeks better.

Grivel Carbon picks from this set include short high-strength titanium extension and titanium cheeks. As the armor steel blade wears off, you can raplece only the blade. Or replace only the cheeks if need be.