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PNG5(A) - SuperSport Pick for Petzl Nomic\Ergo IWC Series

As always of Armor Steel and Titanium!)

Coming soon



Update desing and geometry for SuperSport pick for IWC

The bottom active surface of the pick has the arc shape, which allows to take hold sideways better.

The teeth on this side are oriented to the tool and down with variable angle. It makes the pick more stable.

We used the new technology to sharpen the pick's tip, which prevents the bending of the tip. Special optimization of the pick allows to wedge the head of the pick with cheeks better.

Important information!

Recently, we have received many questions (and even one angry comment on Facebook) about our picks. To be exact, about their incompatibility with standard options from manufacturers:
1) hammer
2) adze

Here is the list of our picks incompatible with standard spare parts:
PNx(A)-all picks for tools Petzl Nomic\Quark\Ergo. All  years of production and modifications.


Weight, g 167.0
Compatible with axes Petzl Ergo, Petzl Ergo 2, Petzl Nomic 2
Picks angle Agressive2 (Sport Competition)
Strengthened Yes
Made from armor steel Yes
Made in Saint-Petersburg, Russia