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Improved geometry and ergonomics

High-strength light materials

Lightweight fastening

Full training set

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New generation of ice tools.

Made of high-strength and light materials. The tool itself is made of Russian ultrastrong aluminum alloy used in aircraft industry. Foreign analogue 7075t6.
Weight of the tool SVAROG - 477 g.
Weight of the whole set (with titanium cheeks, bolts and sport pick) - 620 g.

The supplied set includes ice tool SVAROG, 2 titanium cheeks (for competitions), 2 steel cheeks (for training), sport pick and lightweight bolts for changeable parts attachment.

Svarog. The last real pair!

The Krukonogi Svarog has gained popularity all over the world and has been recognized as one of the best competition ice climbing tools ever made. Unethical copies were first produced by individual enthusiasts in Slovenia and Japan, with no regard to intellectual copyright. Now, the production of copies are obviously put on an industrial basis in Iran. In this regard, we inform the ice-climbing community that we have the last pair of Svarog tools for sale out of Russia. Another pair is with our North American distributors at

Do not miss the chance to buy a pair of these original tools from Russian aviation aluminum, with combs made of titanium, and picks forged from armored steel.